Walker Family Clinic: Outpatient Treatment Includes Trauma Care

Katrina Dupins

Betty Everett, Ph.D.

The Walker Family Clinic, the outpatient arm of UAMS’ Psychiatric Research Institute, provides therapy for a host of mental health disorders, but the one thing common to all treatment is where it starts — with a rigorous assessment.

Advanced Imaging: Brain MRIs Show How Treatment Works

Katrina Dupins

Joshua Cisler, Ph.D.

The changes in the teenage girl’s brain were clearly evident in the brain scan. One MRI was taken before being treated for trauma resulting from sexual abuse, the other after receiving trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy.

Service Lines: Restructuring Health Care Delivery

Elizabeth Caldwell

Health Care Issues

As a health care system that includes outpatient clinics, inpatient care and emergency services, UAMS is in a unique position to begin moving toward a new kind of health care delivery — one that centers around the patients’ and families’ needs to bring better care at a lower cost.