Public Enemy No. 1

toddFall 2012

The triggers for obesity are everywhere. A fast food chain implores customers to grab a “fourth meal.” Another touts any size soft drink for a dollar. Escalators replace stairs. Even the television remote provides one more opportunity to be sedentary.

A New Approach

toddFall 2012

Crouching next to his backyard pool for a routine skimming of its leaves and drowned insects, Jim Brown saw a reflection of a man he didn’t want to be.

Starting Early

toddFall 2012

If Samiya Razzaq, M.D., could make one item disappear from every child’s diet, it would be sugary drinks.

Power of Faith

toddFall 2012

Church-going African-Americans in the Arkansas Delta are feeling the power of faith a little more than usual these days, especially around their waistlines.

It Takes a Coalition

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This past summer has been exciting and a little overwhelming for Debra Bolding and Glenda Rice, volunteer co-managers of the Howard County Farmers Market in the southwest Arkansas city of Nashville.

Talking Nutrition to Older Arkansans

toddFall 2012

All ages can benefit from education on nutrition and obesity prevention, as demonstrated this year by presentations to a group of older adults by faculty in the UAMS College of Health Professions Department of Dietetics and Nutrition.

Ready or Not

toddFall 2012

Holly Felix, Ph.D., recalls a day six years ago when she learned about an obese elderly woman whose family couldn’t find a nursing home that would admit her.

Like Mom, Like Baby

toddFall 2012

Scientists today know that the key to a major reduction in obesity rates lies beyond prescriptions for diet and exercise.