Message from the Chancellor


Dear Readers,

Since you heard from us last fall, the American health care system, and our system in Arkansas in particular, has continued to be a changing landscape rife with uncertainty.

As we wrestle with whether to expand Medicaid, how to reform the provider payment system to improve efficiency and care coordination, and implementing the federally mandated insurance exchange, UAMS is not simply standing by but is leading as an engine of innovation.

As a university, UAMS is in the knowledge business. We are continually discovering new information about biomedical science, our community, our patients and ourselves; then incorporating these discoveries into improving the health and health care of Arkansans and our nation and world.

Built around a centerpiece of engaged patients and families, and supported by a platform of efficient operations, we are working on initiatives that enhance our ability to fulfill all aspects of our mission. We seek to set the standard regarding current knowledge and its application to health, develop new knowledge relating to human health, and translate that into even better approaches.

Biomedical science is enabling us to increasingly understand disease processes at the molecular and genetic levels. This precision medicine requires new tools. We have developed bio depositories that store patient tissue samples with information at these molecular and genetic levels. We now have a data warehouse with protected clinical information on 1 million patients that enables us to understand how we provide care and outcomes of that care. And we have new bioinformatics expertise and tools to analyze this data to craft better approaches to health and disease.

Combined with our distance health infrastructure and the patient-centered medical homes envisioned by Arkansas’ health system reform initiative, we begin to see an entirely new era of health care with access to personalized, precise care. This is a challenging time, but working together we can achieve better health for all. This is the reason for UAMS’ existence.

Thank you for joining us in this quest.