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Welcome to this issue of the UAMS Journal!
We are in a time of upheaval and change in our nation’s health system. The changes are being driven by advances in science, communications technology, cost and demographic shifts in the population of our nation as we become more diverse and as baby boomers age.

Despite the controversy surrounding federal health reform legislation known as the Patient Protection and Accountable Care Act, the trends driving this change are in many ways independent of the fate of that legislation. This edition of the UAMS Journal is devoted to a few examples of the ways in which UAMS is providing leadership toward better societal health in the midst of this change process.

Our efforts include providing leadership toward a health system that is more patient and family centered. Personalized genomic medicine is becoming a focus of our research and patient care. We are developing strategies to address the health disparities that have developed over time between various regions of the state and between those who have less access because of social determinants such as poverty, education level, race, ethnicity and living conditions.

You will read about how we are engaging with community partners to improve the health of various populations, and what our College of Public Health and the Arkansas Department of Health are doing to jointly bring about changes to improve the health of Arkansans.

With inter-professional teamwork, we have the tools to make progress in bringing about the change our health system needs, both nationally and here at home.

So enjoy our story!

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