• Mental Health in Arkansas: Access, Societal Costs and Parity Mental disorders are common throughout Arkansas, the United States and the world. They affect people of any age, race or religion.
    Mental Health in Arkansas: Access, Societal Costs and Parity Mental disorders are common throughout Arkansas, the United States and the world. They affect people of any age, race or religion.

About This Issue – Spring 2014

Dear Readers, Mental illness and substance abuse cause tremendous suffering for patients and their families. Further, these brain diseases cause avoidable deaths and are among the leading causes of disability for our state and nation. They affect all sorts of people — rich and poor, educated and uneducated, as well as those who are otherwise healthy and those with other ... Read More

Mental Health in Arkansas

Mental Health in Arkansas: Access, Societal Costs and Parity

Mental disorders are common throughout Arkansas, the United States and the world. They affect people of any age, race or religion, according to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI).

Pedro Delgado, M.D., leads the UAMS Psychiatric Research Institute

Psychiatric Research Institute: Pedro Delgado Leads Psychiatric Program

In medical school, Pedro Delgado found himself drawn to the brain. Deciding between neurology, neurosurgery and psychiatry, he chose the path that focused on emotional and cognitive brain function over motor pathways or technically oriented surgical skills.

Health Care Issues

Service Lines: Restructuring Health Care Delivery

As a health care system that includes outpatient clinics, inpatient care and emergency services, UAMS is in a unique position to begin moving toward a new kind of health care delivery — one that centers around the patients’ and families’ needs to bring better care at a lower cost.

Dr. Bradley Schaefer

Precision Psychiatry: Genetic Testing is Mapping Better Mental Health Treatment

With an array of custom-made products to accommodate almost any need, why do so many patients waste so much time and money test-driving medications that don’t work for them?

Joshua Cisler, Ph.D.

Advanced Imaging: Brain MRIs Show How Treatment Works

The changes in the teenage girl’s brain were clearly evident in the brain scan. One MRI was taken before being treated for trauma resulting from sexual abuse, the other after receiving trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy.

Betty Everett, Ph.D.

Walker Family Clinic: Outpatient Treatment Includes Trauma Care

The Walker Family Clinic, the outpatient arm of UAMS’ Psychiatric Research Institute, provides therapy for a host of mental health disorders, but the one thing common to all treatment is where it starts — with a rigorous assessment.

Leigh Ann Jones (left) received addiction treatment at UAMS and now sponsors others struggling with addiction.

Addiction Services: Center for Addiction Services and Treatment Encourages Recovery

Leigh Ann Jones began her journey into addiction when she was 13. Her journey ended more than 25 years later at the Center for Addiction Services and Treatment in the UAMS Psychiatric Research Institute.

Interventional Psychiatry Reset Button

Interventional Psychiatry: Addressing Resistant Disorders

When traditional medications for resistant mental disorders fail, doctors may turn to novel therapies that fall under a relatively new realm of medicine known as interventional psychiatry.

Denise Robertson (left) and Stephanie Gardner

Prescription Monitoring Program: Tracking Controlled Drug Prescription Use in Arkansas

Arkansas has a serious drug problem that started with a prescription pad and a doctor’s signature. Prescription drug abuse has surpassed the use of illicit drugs, and Arkansas ranks first of all states in non-medical use of prescription pain relievers.

Father and son on a playground

Children’s Services: Inpatient and Outpatient Services Educate Families in Recovery Process

Treating a child with mental health issues is a family affair at UAMS. Whether the child needs inpatient services or can be treated in an outpatient setting, mental health specialists place an emphasis on involving the whole family.

Girl with a laptop

Teen Suicide Prevention: Teen Suicide Influenced by Bullying, Drugs, Risky Sex

While a tragedy, teen suicide rarely makes the news. It is most often experienced privately by families and friends who may struggle for years with grief and unanswered questions, including the inevitable, “Why?”

Women's mental health clinic setting

Women’s Health: Inpatient Unit Specializes in Women’s Issues

In March 2013, UAMS did more than open a specialized psychiatric unit. It also ushered in a new era for women’s mental health in Arkansas.

Neuropsychologist Denise Compton, Ph.D., helps patients

Aging and Memory: Memory Gets a Boost at Reynolds Institute on Aging

Every day can be a struggle for a person with memory problems. But there’s help at the Walker Memory Center in UAMS’ Donald W. Reynolds Institute on Aging.

Sara Jones, Ph. D.

Psychiatric Nursing: Nurses Training to Meet Mental Health Needs

Nurses with education and training in mental health care are helping meet the needs of patients across Arkansas, and UAMS is providing the necessary resources to make that happen.

Kevin Navin, LCSW

Social Work Psychotherapy: UAMS, UALR Center Provides Therapy Training

When licensed clinical social worker Kevin Navin was in graduate school in the 1990s, email was still largely only found on university campuses and pagers were commonplace. Just as technology has changed, so have mental health treatment models, Navin said.

Jon Rubenow, D.O.

Psychiatric Research Institute Northwest: Mental Health Care in Northwest Arkansas

Should any of the 28 psychiatric inpatient beds at Northwest Medical Center in Springdale come open, they don’t stay that way for long. Yet it wasn’t in the too distant past that there were no inpatient psychiatric services in the fast-growing northwest region of the state.

UAMS Northwest Campus

UAMS Expands Psychiatry Training in Northwest Arkansas

Opening the UAMS Northwest regional campus in 2009 also opened doors of opportunity for medical students and resident physicians in the field of psychiatry. The campus expanded access to medical and mental health care with newly graduated physicians completing their residencies in the area. By starting their careers in Arkansas — a state with one of the lowest number of ... Read More

The Arkansas State Hospital in Little Rock

State Hospital: Forensic Patients Receiving Timely Care

When an Arkansas court orders that a defendant undergo a forensic psychiatric evaluation or treatment before standing trial for a crime, it turns to the Arkansas State Hospital.

UAMS VA Campus

VA Research: UAMS, VA Mental Health Research Takes National Role

More than half-a-million veterans enrolled in the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs health care system are diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and with suicide claiming the lives of an estimated 22 veterans every day.

Lorraine Frazier, Ph.D., R.N.

Depression and Heart Disease: College of Nursing Research Studies Genetic Link

If signs of depression in patients hospitalized for a heart attack are not recognized and treated, those patients are twice as likely to suffer a reoccurring coronary event. And with depression rates in those patients as much as three times greater than the general population, much can be done to improve those patients’ quality of life.


Sexual Health After Violence: Encouraging Healthier Relationships

Women who have experienced emotional abuse, physical violence or sexual violence are more likely to participate in sexual and drug use behaviors that increase their risk of acquiring a sexually transmitted infection, research shows.

Mental health and minorities

Mental Health and Minorities: Reaching African-Americans in the Delta

Mental illness is an equal opportunity disease, affecting whites and African-Americans about the same. What is different, especially for African-Americans in the Delta, are the barriers to mental health services, including perceptions that make them less willing to seek help.

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